Schloss Biendorf has its own museum...
... a superlative museum
with some of the world's largest collections, in fact
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Schloss Biendorf has its own museum …

… and it indeed is a superlative museum with some of the largest collections in the world

There is something very special. Here you will find 210 different collections.
Erik van de Merwe (castle lord and owner of the castle) has, by his passion for collecting, gathered these objects all throughout Europe at flea markets, collector exchanges and so on in the span of 25 years.
What has he collected? One can rather say: What HASN’T he?
The museum was opened on September 29th 2012, inaugurated by the Dutch Minister for Integration Gerd Leers.

A small selection:

  • ca. 300 porcelaine chocolate doses
  • ca. 100,000 pins (Buttons)
  • ca. 60,000 postcards
  • ca. 5,000 coffee- and teaspoons
  • ca. 75,000 Thimbles (World’s Largest Collection)
  • ca. 1,500 walking sticks (with nails stock), (a canopy created in the arrangement)
  • ca. 500 Music Boxes
  • ca. 500 WC-Pull Handles
  • ca. 1,000 Pipes (World’s Largest Collection)
  • 2,200 Snow balls
  • As well as 346 pocket watches, cars, musical instruments, sugar bags, matchstick book etc.
  • and much more

… e.g.: KLM Cottages

The lord of the manor has set up his museum with a lot of love and patience. It has become a fulfillment in his life, in addition to his full role as banker and Supervisory / Commissioner in the Netherlands.

A visit is always worthwhile! You will be surprised about the castle museum.

The museum is open every day for groups and only by appointment.
Telephone consultation, tel. 034 722/3 04 80, Mobil: (0049) 15203529803 or of course via e-mail:

You can find pictures about it in our gallery.